Joint Master in Neuroscience


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University of Strasbourg (France), together with its partners from the Universities of Basel (Switzerland) and Freiburg (Germany), offers an international training in neuroscience for English-speaking students who wish to obtain a master degree in this field.

Caractéristiques du diplôme

  • type de diplôme, niveau à la sortie : Master, Bac+5
  • établissement : Université Louis Pasteur - Faculté des Sciences de la Vie
  • catégorie : Biologie - Biologie humaine
  • formation en alternance : Pas d'alternance
  • formation continue : Pas de formation continue
  • nombre moyen de diplômés par promotion : 15

Compétences associées

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The  teaching  program  includes the expertise  of  the  three  partners  in  their  respective research domains, such as cellular and integrative neuroscience, neurogenetics or computational neuroscience.

Selected  students  will  receive  a  two-year  training that  includes  high-level  academic training and extensive laboratory research training. The positioning of this Joint Master in Neuroscience within a trinational network of more than 1000 neuroscientists working in  both  public  and  private  organisms  provides  an  excellent  basis  for  training  in  fundamental and applied Neurosciences.

The program is open to students of all nationalities and all tuition will be done in English. Eligible are students with a bachelor's degree or equivalent in one of the Life Sciences disciplines including medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, psychology and biology.

Application of students with strong background in physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer sciences ...etc will be also very seriously considered.  


Final decision for admission to the first year of the Master of Neuroscience course will be based on the adequation of the student's initial training and of his motivation as evaluated by an interview. The selected students will be registered at the University of Strasbourg at the beginning of their training.

Maximum number of participants to enter is fifteen.

Deadline for application for every academic year is september 15

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